The Organizacija Journal

Organizacija – Journal of Management, Informatics and Human Resources, is an interdisciplinaryresearch  journal that seeks both theoretical and practical papers devoted to managerial aspects of the subject matter indicated in the title. Topics will be drawn, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • organizational theory, development and restructuring of organizations;
  • new and innovative organizational structures and approaches;
  • organizational methods and techniques for achieving higher productivity, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • quality management;
  • organizational behaviour;
  • human resources management;
  • information systems restructuring;
  • planning, development and management of information systems, application of information technology;
  • interorganizational systems, electronic commerce;
  • decision making, decision support, executive information systems.

In particular we seek papers which cover state-of art developments in the subject area of the journal, its implementation and use in the organizational practice.


Editor-in-chief and Responsible Editor

About dr. Zupančič
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Sasha Dekleva
DePaul University, Chicago USA
E-mail: teflmfwbAefqbvm/fev

Peter Doucek
University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic
E-mail: epvdflAwtf/d{
Webpage: and

Independent Administrative Clerk


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